Thursday, April 9, 2009

Colgate Coupon

For those of you who have been taking advantage of the free toothpaste at Walgreens, here is a $1.00 coupon you can use with your purchase for a $1.00 money maker (MM). Buy your toothpaste for $3.49, use this coupon and pay for $2.49. Then they will give you a RR (register reward, walgreens money, for $3.49 back! Remember if you plan to do this a few times, you can not use the RR to purchase the next toothpaste, or it will not print another RR out. Just do the same transaction a few times and you will collect RR you can use another day on a different purchase. Remeber to snag your Free Chapstick and Shaving Gels while your their! (Check out my other walgreens post if you havn't seen how to get free Chapstick and Shaving Gel.)

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