Friday, May 8, 2009

Old Navy Coupons

Did any of you stay up for Old Navy Coupons last night? I did for just a bit, but ended up going to bed, anyways they will be resetting the coupon sight periodically so everyone has a fair chance of winning the high dollar coupons. Just go over to and find a copons. here are the Coupon Locations:

10% off Click the crab in the lower right hand corner.

15% off Click the little boy's arm floaties.

20% off Click mix and match several times until they all match bodies.

25% off After you click mix and match 3 times, then cancel out the coupon or the scandal. Wait a few seconds and then click mix and match again, then the beach ball will drop. Click on the Beach ball several times.

$10 off $50Watch commercial and click Heather as she starts to sway.(Pause to make it easier to click on)OrPlay the video, click on the sunglasses at 14 seconds.

$45 off $100Click on dolphin that swims behind mix and match girls.

$60 off $100Click the seagull as it flies across the sky. It will drop a pair of swim bottoms. Use your tab button to tab until you see the yellow in the upper right hand corner. Click on that and drag the shorts to the 3rd girl from the left (girl with red bottoms). Some people have also been reporting that they had to drag it to the second in blue bottoms.

(Thanks to Shelly who submitted the locations)

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  1. Hip 2 Clip,

    This week at we’ll be hiding coupons worth up to $60 off $100 and releasing them at different times so more of you, our stylish shoppers, have a chance at finding them!

    You’ll be asked to enter your email address when you discover your first coupon. This helps to keep your coupon safe, while you keep hunting for a better one. So take your time, snoop like the coupon-hunting pro we know you are and when you’ve found the most fabulous coupon you can find, hit “Make Coupon.”

    Once you click the button, that fabulous deal is yours for the week—and each email address only gets one coupon per week, so choose wisely!

    Also, we’ve got some exciting things coming up next week so stay tuned for to get even more fabulous!

    Good luck and happy hunting!

    Nicole D.

    Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy