Friday, April 17, 2009

Its Hip To Clip Giveaway - End Tomorrow!

Dont Forget This Contest Ends Tomorrow!

So I am having my first IHTC giveaway. This giveaway is based on a point system that converts to how many times your name is in the drawing bucket and there are several ways to earn point. This giveaway will start once posted and will end on Saturday the 18th at 11:59 a.m. The winner will be announced on Saturday evening on my blog.
My first giveaway is for 12 Hair Bows that are 3-3.5 inches wide. You will get the following colors: Black, White, Red, Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Cream, Brown, Fuschia, Orange, Turquoise, and Lt. Blue.
There are several ways to earn point:
Get 5 points for following me on my blog
Get 1 point (a day) for making a comment on any ONE of my posts from now until Sat. (you can earn a total of 5)
Get 5 points for signing up for the paper with us, that includes just adding more sunday papers to your current subscription) You can e-mail us your name and phone number to and someone will contact you.
Get 3 points for every person you refer to us to sign up for the paper and results in a sign up.
Get 1 point for every person that you refer to our site that either follows us or emails us letting us know that they were refered to our site by you. Make sure they give us your name and blog name.
Get 1 point for a great deal that you want to share and gets published to share with other readers on our blog.
Good Luck and I look forward to seeing our numbers soar with followeres and my e-mail folder filled with e-mails!


  1. Hi there, Your more than welcome! I love reading and following all the great finds and giveaways. I will tweet your giveaway and link back to you. That's just what I do for everyone ;-) Hope you have a great day!!

  2. I have tried to get so many people to subscribe to the Spectrum. They just don't have time to call you back. Hopefully they will call by TOMORROW! :)