Friday, April 3, 2009

Old Navy

Well the high dollar coupons ofcourse are gone, but their still are great coupons for 40% a single item available at the barbecue grill. Take advantage of the coupon if you need some summer shorts! You can print one from each computer you have. Start Hunting!

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  1. Hello It's Hip 2 Clip,

    We caught your recent coverage of great deals from Old Navy and wanted to keep you updated on the latest money-saving coupons awaiting on our circular site starting Friday. The big savings have returned to the coupon hunt, with $50 and $75 coupons stashed. They’re in great hiding places, so put on your most stylish hunting gear and make one of those sweet coupons yours!

    Happy Hunting,

    John A.
    Brand Advocate for Old Navy