Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Redbox Movie Monday!

Well, I am finally back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Here is my first post of the day. A freebie at that!

Rent a free Redbox DVD today Monday April 13th!
Have you ever rented a dvd from Redbox? There everywhere! My family has come to enjoy the $1.00 rentals.
Here are the Steps to Rent w/ Promotional Code:
1. At the first screen, press "Rent Using Promotional Code" on bottom left hand side of screen.
2. Enter the code. J89LA2.
3. Continue with steps given below. Your payment email will show a $0.00 fee.

Here's how Redbox works:
1. Press "Rent a DVD" and make your movie selection using the touchscreen.
2. You'll need to Add Item to Cart & Checkout.
3. You'll need a credit card to pay as well as your zipcode and email address.
4. There are no receipts with Redbox. They simply email you a confirmation.
5. Your DVD will dispense on the right side of the machine. That's it! The cost is $1/night. Return by 9pm the following day, and you'll only pay $1. Each additional day is $1 more. There are no late fees. They will simply stop charging you if you have not returned the DVD by 25 days and the movie is yours to keep.

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