Friday, March 27, 2009

Old Navy - Coupons Have Been Reset

Well everyone, just one more week before Old Navy offers their HIGH DOLLAR coupons which are $75.00 off of a $100.00 purchase and $50.00 off of a $100.00 purchase. So remember to check back with us next week! In the mean time, there are some other coupons hidden in the online add that are pretty good.

20% off one item:The yellow corsage on the little girl

20% off two items:Dog's collar

30% off your entire purchase: There is a jumping dolphin that appears once in a while behind the lady with the dog. Once the dolphin jumps in the water you can click on it and get the coupon.

30% off one item:Located on the boys swim shorts. Scroll through the bottom left under more fabulous finds and you'll see the shorts.

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