Monday, May 18, 2009

How are you going to use your Albertsons Doubles?

My family goes through Best Foods Mayo every other week, so I am excited to use the Albertsons coupon to get a jar of Mayo for $1.88. Then in the RP 5/17 insert, there was a $.60 off coupon, plus double that and you can get a jar of mayo for $.66! That's the best I've seen on Best Foods yet!

Then there was the scotts toilet paper for $1.00 off in the SS 5/17. Double that and you get FREE toilet paper! You just cant get enough toilet paper!

Then there was $1.00 off 2 Tree Top Apple Juice again in SS 5/17. Double that coupon and you can get 2 (3pk) Tree Top Apple Juice for free. They are usually $1.00 but I am not sure what the regular price is.

Then there is the Philadelphia Cream cheese for $.88 with the albertsons coupon, add the $1.00 coupon from here then double that and you MM (make money $.24)

Then there is the Yoplait go gurt for $2.50 each. It is part of the General Mills Promo which is buy $10.00 save $4.00 instantly. If you buy 4 you will pay $6.00 after the instant savings, then use (2) $.75 coupons from SS 4/19 and then double those two coupons and pay $3.00 for 4 boxes of 8ct Go Gurts.

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head. I'll be heading over today, so if I see something, I make sure to mention it. Also if you see a great deal, please post it for others to see!

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