Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Beer Rebates

For those of you who don't know about beer rebates, they are mail in rebates put on by the beer companies that pays you back for things you purchase on a weekly basis. I just found a new one at Harmons. You DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE BEER. If you are at Harmons, go to the beer section and at the top of the shelves is a beer advertisement with little pamphlets in it. This is a really good rebate. Actually there are a few in the pamphlet.

1) Save $2.00 (after MIR) when you purchase any two packages of Sunshine Cheezit Crackers, mix and match flavors.

2) Save $2.00 (after MIR) on the purchase of 3 bags of packaged ice and 1 (24pk) or 2 (12pks) of soda any brand

3) Save $15.00 (after MIR) on the purchase of $100.00 worth of patio furniture OR $50 worth of any combination of the following:
A Coleman Cooler or another brand of cooler; any bag of packaged ice; salty snacks, soda, water, or MEAT (any brand and any size)

Offers expire June 1st

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