Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday Paper

Before you throw out your Sunday paper, make sure you pull out some great coupons that were hidden.

1) In the USA Weekend there were Viva Paper Towel Coupons.
2) Roberts Crafts Coupons were in the black and white paper.
3) Chiles insert! This is a great coupon! $5.00 off two adult Entrees and there are 10 entrees you can get for under $7.00. Where else can you go to sit down and eat for $9.00? I recomend the Kicken Jack Nachos! They are my favorite! They don't expire til June 30th so I will be able to go 6 times since I get 6 sunday papers! If you havn't signed up for the Newspaper, you can e-mail at and Melissa will give you call for more info and pricing. Please be sure to leave your number.


  1. I cant find the Chilies Isert. Can you tell me where you found it. Thanks!

  2. OK I just found it. Sorry I am a dork! It wasn't in the Deseret News. I found it in the Spectrum papers I get. Thanks!