Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Double Coupons for Albertsons!

(Thanks utahdealdiva.com for the Picture!)
Well guess what? As if we couldn't get enough, there are yet MORE doubles that you should have received in the mail today! (I have gone shopping 3 times already, but I dont mind going some more! I just cant get enough FREE stuff! Woooo Hoooo! What are you going to buy now???? Lets see, after looking at the PYP list, I could get:
(prices shown are after double coupon)
FREE Guerrero Tortillas
$2.00 Tombstone Pizzas, plus put it can count towards my $15.00 rebate.
$.50 Poptarts
FREE Shaving Gel
FREE Hefty One Zip Bags
$.47 Wheat Thins
FREE Bar S Franks or Bologna

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  1. If you could put a link-back to my site, that'd be great! Happy Shopping!