Thursday, June 11, 2009

Subscribing To Internet Freebies!

So it has just occured to me that after reading a blog from Utahdealdiva, I should have a "Free Sample" Web address. My inbox has been so bombarded with junk e-mail, that I simply hate sifting through it all. She recomends having a separate e-mail address for internet freebies. I dont want to detour you from signing up for internet freebies, because it is well worth it! My mailbox is flooded with samples and freebies. Infact I just received 2 different Gillete Razors that are expensive and a ton of other things! So it is well worth it. Just take the extra step to obtaining another e-mail address so you are not loaded with junk mail. Although, sift through the junk briefly, because there are times when you will get great coupons or offers. Just a word of thought!

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